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  3. I have recently been involved in a crypto scam where 540,600.00 usdt. was removed from my BitKeep wallet. a third party program accessed my wallet and gave access to the the scammer. I was not aware of giving out any information on my send address to my usdt wallet. I believe the main problem was participating in a Tron mining program. I've never really done this before so I was very reluctant. Especially since a stranger had informed me of this program. I thought surely no harm in looking at the information. I even entered the program with very little investment to check on the validity of the pay back. The program was set up in percentage pay back per day compounding interest. 3 percent on balance. Yes this seemed a bit high for return but I was interested in checking it out. I set up the program and deposited only 2000.00 dollars. Sure enough 600 dollars was added the next day. And of course then I added more but not more than I felt I could risk. I deposited about 200,000. and let it ride for about a week. This money collected the interest that was stated each day and it was added to my wallet. I was thrilled at this point and figured it has to be legit. I then tried to remove some money from the wallet just to be sure the funds weren't frozen or something would make it un removable. I was able to remove and deposit back to my bit coin and transfer from BitKeep wallet back to my original exchange no problem. This made me feel all is well and lets deposit more since crypto currency is just slowly dropping in value. I can put my money to work instead of watching it decrease. I deposited more - about 300,000.00 value in bit coin. As described I received my daily interest compounding. Knowing I could remove the money any time made me feel secure. I took a little more out of my personal savings account to get the balance above 540,000.00 and this in turn changed the percentage from 3 percent to 4 percent. Sure enough the next day this interest arrived. I couldn't be happier. I let this balance ride for another week and my total was getting into the 400k range. I may have added a few thousand more at this time and the interest was still arriving on time and calculated to the penny. This went on for the rest of the week and my usdt wallet had a balance now of 540,600.00 and I was still looking for ways to place more in this program since it was paying out as it was described.. On Saturday morning 5/14/22 at about 12:30 my account went to 0, devastated to say the least. I thought maybe a network error or something since nothing showed as transferred out of my wallet. Not until 1:00am the next early morning a transferred showed up. I knew then I had fallen for a scam of some sorts. I found ( who have assisted other victims of this same scam after i opened a case with their support team at RECOVERYBUREAUC @ GMAIL COM. I was just able to detach the first part of my 300k and waiting for the rest to be detached today once the Bnb gas fee goes through


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