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  25. I invested $80,000 worth of crypto. With a forex broker who I met online since I usually see several promos on his page, I felt he was a good one and a reliable one at that. After sending my crypto I felt a little discomfort because I realized how will I just sent such a high amount of money to a total stranger to who I know nothing of or his location, but I felt I wasn't the only one since I have seen several promos of his. So my investment was to last for three weeks firstly Then a possible renewal after my ROI, but three weeks came I expected my money the first day it never came, the second day still nothing and on the third day I reach out to them requesting for my money, but I was told they were having little problem with their sever and I was told to be patient for a week and my ROI would be sent to me, but a week past and few days I reach out to them again and. This time I got no response I tried for several days with no positive reply and eventually I was told to send some more money to my account to enable, which I did, I sent a total amount of $20,000 that was what I was asked to do. Immediately again every connection was lost I cant even reach their web page anymore. I told this to a few of my friends and that was when I got the hint that it was a scam. I was highly devastated and confused I didn't know what to do. I went to the cops but they couldn't help because they had no lead on the whereabouts of the case or broker. Then I Went back online to made several research on how to retrieve cryptocurrency because I have heard a lot of times how people recovered their money but I wasn't so sure about that, I know after reading several pages I should have a little knowledge on how to go about that. And I did just that I saw several Recovery agencies and their reviews, but I decided to go for COREASSTINC RECOVERY FIRM, I wasn’t too sure of them at first about Fund Retrieve, as I was still very scared to fall another victim of Scam, but base on the way people was commenting on there job well done, I decided to be on a safe side by contacting someone who commented, to know if they are real or not. Believe me it still amazes me how they went about it but am just grateful they did. So I'll advise you also to do the same, reach out through their Email : COREASSETINC@ GMAIL. COM OR TELEGRAM : @COREASSETINC.

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